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On Location:

White Sands, NM

The Truck

2005 | Toyota Tundra | Access Cab, SR5, 4WD

Our trusty steed. What started out as the daily driver work truck would become the platform for our future adventures. Having purchased the truck at 40k miles back in 2012 it accumulated almost 200k miles at work before hitting the road for fun. It's been a very reliable vehicle all the way to it's current 235k+ miles on the odometer.


The transition from work to camping was easy as it already had a camper shell and lumber rack from using it for work. While a bit different than most overlanding vehicles the lumber rack has been a great mounting point for the RTT, awning, solar, various antennas and lighting. While heavy it has a great payload for just about anything and along with the camper shell it has proven to be a great compromise for our needs.

Check out the various upgrades we've done to the truck below. Read some of our long term reviews to see how the gear has done over the months or years of abuse and bumpy roads. We'll be updating the site as we publish honest evaluations of the gear we use so check back once in awhile.

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